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    This is kind of a strange ad, but here it goes. I have 2 clean, running SC300s with maintenance records that are ready to be thrown into daily driver duties. I'm looking to either sell 1 or both, or trade one for nice parts to put on the other.

    First off is the 93 SC300:

    The car is clean, reliable and was pretty much my sole daily driver until I got the 98. It has 190xxx on it now and has always passed emissions, and I've always run Mobil 1 5w30 with OEM filters and name brand 93 octane gas with additives. It gets roughly 19 mpg in the city. It has the gray interior and a roll of OEM fabric to re-do the window surround, it has the common crack in the middle. Early spring of '15 I replaced the harmonic balancer, had the ECU rebuilt and a new transmission filter with OEM fluid. I have maintenance records on it, and yes the timing belt is ok for quite a while longer. The tires are BF Goodrich with only around 6000 miles on them.

    Second is the 98 SC300:

    This car is also very clean and reliable and handles most of the daily driver duties. It has 182xxx and always passes emissions and I also run the same oil/OEM filter as in the other, as well as the same 93 octane name brand gas with around 22 mpg in the city. I also have maintenance records on it as well. It has the VVTI engine with the newer style trans, and is a pretty rare color. The wheels are Supra TT wheels with Supra TT tire sizes. The rears have a few thousand miles on them, and I don't know about the fronts, they were on it when I bought it. I've put a little over 5000 miles on it since I bought it in late August of '15 and it's always been reliable. The a/c blows ice cold. The previous owner put an HID kit in it and it still has the factory tool kit and the little things like that most SCs are missing.

    Ok, now on to the business end:

    98-$4000 bring your own wheels, $4300 with the wheels from the white car, $4800 as it sits with the Supra TT wheels

    As far as trading for a car, I'm open to offers but they'll have to pass emissions because of the county I live in.

    I would trade the 98 for a clean, running turnkey JZ-GTE swap that I can put in the white car as I don't have to worry about passing an OBD-II test on it, so a CEL or not communicating with the OBD port isn't the end of the world.

    I would trade the 93 for some really nice wheels/suspension/brake goodies for the 98. I can't exactly motor swap it as a CEL would immediately fail it, as well as the ECU not communicating with the OBD port. It could be the cleanest running engine of all time but would immediately fail the test when they plugged it into the OBD port.

    I'm in Chattanooga, TN so trades have to be local'ish. I'm not going to drive halfway to New York or Texas to meet a guy and trade on the spot. I want to be able to see the car first. It wouldn't be wise of me to trade a reliable daily driver for a car that I haven't had a chance to check out, plus I just don't want to drive 10 hours or something. So Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville, Birmingham, etc...I may be interested in traveling a little further.

    If you're interested in either/both cars, feel free to PM me with any questions and I'll do my best to answer them. I can also send any pic you may want, but with the video links I'm posting with full walk around of the exterior, interior and engine bay with it running, that should cover most anything. Though, still feel free to ask questions or I can snap some specific pics.

    Walk around of 93:

    Walk around of 98:

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