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    Ok...So I was pretty active on this site about almost 2 years ago. Has it died? Is my browswer screwed up??? I don't see any posts anymore and only threads posted. I can only see my build thread...Nothing new. What's the deal?
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    I don't know what happened either.. I mean I kind of went inactive because i'm no longer in GA but I still come back occasionally and for the last few years it's just been looking deader and deader each time. Kind of disappointing, I really loved this site.. I don't have anything similar where I am now. I even have some unused stickers.. I'll still probably put them on my next 240 lol.
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    Facebook took over, good times here though.

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    I haven't posted for about 5 years. I came to randomly check in on things and this is what i came back to. See you later space cowboys...

    LOVE!!!!!!! LOVE!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!
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