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    I know the 26mm Z32 calipers fit behind the S13 SE wheels with "single offset ribs" in the back. My problem is the S13 I have now has the double ribbed SE wheels. What size spacers would be needed to make the 30mm calipers fit?

    Also, I have never used spacers before, I know to get hub-centric, and if I need wider than 5mm should I get ones that bolt on to the studs and have their own studs on the spacer?

    thanks in advance
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    just a 5mm should clear it, have you tried seeing if someone has a set of the right SE wheels? Maybe to trade or just buy? Seems like it may almost be cheaper as little as SE's go for!

    As far as spacers, I dont believe you can buy a bolt up spacer less than 15mm. (I havent seen them anyway) they generally run ~$75 a pair. Circuit sport and H&R are some of the cheaper ones. For just a hubcentric spacer, the Isis ones Enjuku sells were actually pretty decent, had a buddy run them while he wheel shopped.
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