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    Sean Pierre Supra-Tahir thinks that he can delete the massive thread with his accusations of me being a fraud. I will admit that I submitted a PayPal dispute out of spite of his lack of "give-a-shit" mentality about this transaction. I cancelled it, but it went through and nothing happened. TBH, it would've been a godsend if it DID go through, because then he would approach me for the refund completion.

    Anyways, for those TLDRers, Sean Pierre Supra-Tahir sells me a set of wheels which everyone has seen on here for $500. I called him to verify the condition, specifically whether it was round without cracks. He verifies that they are and holds air. I unassumingly trust him and purchase the wheels and he helped me load them up in my SC300 in trash bags. In the meantime, he tells me that the wheels are infact "Marcato" brand and not varrstoens as he advertised. Apparently he had enough time to examine the wheels, research the brand and price, but not the condition of the wheels. I bring it home, take it to a shop and tire tech discovers that two wheels have bends in them. I contact Sean (who has now blocked me) in regards to a full refund or partial refund. He gives me the "you bought them, tough shit" talk. I call him out on the very same thread that he paints me as a fraud (refer to beginning) and he deletes his thread and blocks me.
    You can come to a conclusion by yourselves, but although there are two sides to a story, if he's knowingly deleting the thread that he is in such disadvantage, that must describe it all.
    At any rate, don't trust Sean Pierre Supra-Tahir. He not only did not disclose the fact that there were bends in two of the wheels, he did not disclose the fact that the "parts-car" that it was coming off of was involved in a fire that scorched one of the tires.

    If anyone could, please post his facebook profile. He blocked me, rofl.

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