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    Stay away from the e39 540i. I had one and there were motor problems, sorry I can remember the details but if you google the M62 motor the early version you will find what I'm talking about. There is a site that you can go to to look up defects and recalls and this issue was listed on the site. The thing is you either have the problem or you don't. If I remember correctly BMW fixed the issue in the 2003 and up version. If you buy a 528 or 530 you should be good to go. If you get a 1997-2002 5 Series let me know, I have a set of manuals you can have for $50 (Bentley Service and Electrical). 500 plus pages of BMW knowledge in each manual.

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    an accord coupe would be good man either 6th or 7th gen like the one I had. Best car I've ever owned. Had nothing to worry about, quite easy to work on, plenty of space even for long trips etc. Or civic. Perfect daily drivers.
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    No problem brother player dude dawg nigga man.
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