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    ok i have the stock 240sx pop healights they go up but wont come down and i know its not a relay or the motors can anyone help me with the problem because i want to get them working ill take it to someone close by to take a look i just need some help asap??
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    Sure its just not the headlight switch?
    Like, did they go up one day, and haven't came down since?
    Happened on my hatch when I bought it, the switch went out.
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    You really need some help learning what punctuation is so it will be easier to read what you are saying but that is ok because we are all family and we will just treat you like the retarded brother who we just let get away with stuff because he doesn't know any better.
    Check your switch like GITR said, pull the switch off( the switch on the dash panel, not the stalk switch.) and check it for continuity.
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