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    All LS engines are all aluminum. It isn't an LS engine if it isn't aluminum. Yes there all LS BASED" but that doesn't make them and LS. Also the L33 came in 05-07 chevy trucks. It was an option and its an all aluminum 5.3. It has factory LS6 heads (799 casting) and a high compression (9.9:1) than the normal 5.3 (compression 9.5:1). Also LQ4's are not rare and are not worth anyone's time. Buy an LQ9, not an LQ4. Also when most people refer to LSx they are just saying LS series engines whether that is an LS1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 9. So to make it clear. If someone says they have an LS and it isn't a 5.7 liter or larger and isn't ALL ALUMINUM then it is NOT an LS. Please throw the word LS round like it's nothing.
    I was referring to the iron head varient Of the lQ4 being rare and you are right about the l33 being an option on 4x4 trucks the lQ9 is a better engine then the lq4 but it is a much more expensive power plant then the lq4. Its like saying dont waist your time on a LS1 because the LS2 is better.
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    Also....lets just stop using the phrase "ls" it is deceiving just use Gen 3/4 gm v8. It is all inclusive.
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    Get a '12 or '13 ls3 and they are dry sump instead of wet sump. Also all ls7's come dry sump the best forum to goto if your into anything radio control. Plus its local!

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