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    So.. I know these are popular motors, and figured we could use a thread regarding information on it.
    I actually don't know much, but I want some people to chime in on the various LSx blocks.

    From what I understand, LS = aluminum and everything else is iron block?

    Break it down for us, LSx gurus!
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    So much stuff. And so many options and routes to go. 5.3, 5.7, 6.0 and more
    copy paste would be best lol
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    Post em up!
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    Geez lol what do you want to know? What LS engines there are or the best alternatives? Can't afford and LS1 then by and L33, or if you can't afford and LS2 buy an LQ9. Idk know what to post lol there is so much to talk about.
    Trigger pull....

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    Would probably be best to just post links to some LS forum stickys. No use in trying to rediscover what a bunch of chevy guys have known for years. Except maybe the swap and drift related specifics.

    You tryna' get sideways, bruh?
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    i never understood the X part of LSx... figured it was always ls1, ls3, ls6, ls9, whatever engines are out there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by I RON DON KEY View Post
    i never understood the X part of LSx... figured it was always ls1, ls3, ls6, ls9, whatever engines are out there.
    Ithought it was for ls10(x)


    Roman numeralfor 10 = x?

    Maybe? dunno?
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    The LS series is expansive ranging from 4.8 to 7.0 in steel and aluminum. The crank on all LS engines save for the 4.8 and 7.0 are the same 92mm (3.62). And if I am not mistaken all LS series also have aluminum heads.

    Heres some LS info for ya.

    LR4- 2003 - 4.8L 96.01 x 83 mm- Iron Block- 270-350 hp- 285-290 tq
    installed in 03 Express 2500-3500 vans/ Savanna 2500-3500 vans/Silverados/Sierras/Tahoes/Yukons
    LM7- 2003 - 5.3L 96.01 x 92 mm- Iron Block-285-295 hp- 325-335 tq
    03 Escalades/Avalanches/Express/Savana/Silverado 1500-2500
    Sierra 1500-2500/ Suburban/Yukon/Tahoe/Yukon XL
    LM4- 2003 - 5.3L 96.01 x 92 mm- Aluminum Block-295-355
    Trailblazer EXT/ Envoy XL/SSR
    L59- 2003 - 5.3L 96.01 x 92 mm- Aluminum Block- Flex Fuel HP-?
    Suburban/Yukon XL/Tahoe/Yukon/07-Avalanche/07-Sierra
    LH6- 2005 - 5.3L 96.01 x 92 mm- Aluminum Block- Displacement on Demand
    Trailblazer Ext/Envoy XL/Buick Ranier (No DOD)
    LQ4- 1999 - 6.0 101.6 x 92 mm- Iron Block- 300-325 HP - 360-370 TQ
    Express/Savanna/Silverado HD's/Sierra HD's/ 02-05 Denali
    LQ9- 2002- 6.0 101.6 x 92 mm- Iron Block- 345 hp-380 tq- Flat top pistons
    02-05 Cadillac trucks and Suv's/ 03-05 Silverado SS/ 04-05
    Silverado and Sierra HO/ 06-07 Silverado and Sierra VortexMax
    L76- 2006- 6.0 101.6 x 92 mm- displacement on demand- 355hp/365tq,
    variable timing
    06 Suburban/Avalanche will be available in the 08 G8
    L92- 2007- 6.0 101.6 x 92 mm- Aluminum Block-Variable timing 403HP/417TQ
    07 up Escalade/07 up Denali/07 up Sierra/ 07 up H2
    L98 (not TPI version L98 Austrailian only L76 derivitive) 6.0 -Iron Block 362
    HP/ 391 TQ
    Holden Cars Commodore/Statesman/Caprice
    LS1- 1997 -5.7 99 x 92 mm- Aluminum Block-305-350 hp 335-365 tq
    97-04 vettes/ 97 up Fbodies/04 GTO/ Holden Cars- Statesman
    Caprice/Monaro/ and all special vehicles
    LS2- 2004 - 6.0 101.6mm x 92mm- Aluminum block- 400-412 hp 400-406 TQ
    04-07 Holden special vehicles/05-06 Monaro/05-07 vettes/ 05-
    06 GTO/05-06 SSR/06-07 Trailblazer SS/06-07 CTS-v.
    LS3- 2007- 6.2L 4.06in x 3.62 in- Aluminum block- 430-436 HP 424-428 TQ
    08 Vette
    LS4- 2006- 5.3 96.01 x 92 mm- Aluminum block- DOD- LS6 heads- 303HP 323
    06-07 Impala SS/06-07 Monte Carlo SS/05-08 Grand Prix GXP
    LS7: 06-13 Corvette
    LS9: 2009***8211;2013 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1
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    There was only One "Ls" type engine that came with iron heads and that was the 1999-2000 LQ4 6.0 truck engine and they are very very rare.
    The proper moniker for the series of engines is Gen 3/4 Gm small block V8's.

    they encompass everything from the alumenum L33 front wheel drive high compression V8 put into Impala SS's To the LSA and LS9....with a huge list of variant's in between.....there are seriously thousands of combinations and
    variations spanning its 17 year production.
    From the 5.3 LM7 that has a 8-5-1 compression ratio from the factory making it perfect for pouring HUGE amounts of boost through (Check out car crafts wright up on it)to the LS7 427 cubic inch monster.
    They are cheap to buy,cheap to maintain and more reliable then any other V8 ever made. Call bull shit all you want the LM7 has the least reported issues out of any V8 engine then in production(1999-2006)

    If you can't tell.....I am a Gen 3/4 lover......I understand there are other great engines being made and some great ones from the S50 has over 312000 on it with no internal or HG work but for my money if you want to make power and don't care if your car is "JDMTIGHT"
    you can't go wrong with some good o'l displacement.
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