Thread: dedicated to the silver spoon faggots that run the 240atl website

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    You seem pretty mad at the world my friend. Just because someone has something g you don't doesn't mean they're better than you it just means their parents worked hard to provide for their family. Being from the "streets" just shows that there's a level of ignorance and insecurities that poverty brings. If you wanted a pat on the back you went about it in the wrong way. Not referring to the post above mine.

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    Seems to me like a Poser with alot of sand in his vagina because no one on the site likes his Malibu's most wanted rap skillz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by illwhite View Post
    howard, your killing me, this house was condemned, i lived in my friends basement, i rebuilt this house slowly and surly for the past 2 years. the point is you don't see what im saying at all so shut the fuck up. i pay 300 a month plus the light bill, my parents let me sleep on the streets, so here i am now with my feet on the ground and people were trying to say it was my moms house, if u have a brain and read this thread you'd know that. obviously you don't know the people that i know.... what the fuck is your point

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    Sorry everyone had to deal with this dude. Hopefully he's calmed down and comes back in a few days with a new attitude.
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