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    Okay so i first saw this and rememberd flashbacks from my first encounter with a built in audio amplifier... the dreaded 1992 bmw 325i ><.
    it had a built in amplifier with a 3 way speaker system up front and 2 way in the rear... each speaker had its own wires and NONE were colored or right next to eachother. needless to say that was a true pain.
    however, this time i bypassed the amplifier i took notes and pictures.
    so i figure i outta organize this info into a cheat sheet for fellow s14 owners.

    okay the stock system is something like 8w x 4 clarion everything.
    it truly sucks. especially when your speakahs look liek this >>>

    ANYWAYS haha
    ill be getting new speakers soon

    check to make sure that your chassis audio harness uses the same color code system as mine.

    IF your wires are the same as my wires you should have a pair of:
    pink, blue
    tan, black
    lime green, purple
    pink, blue

    if it doesnt then the way to figure out what speakers are what is to consult your aftermarket stereo instalation guide. simply find out what color the right front speaker is... follow the wire to the chassis's harness and then write that color down for the positive or negative terminal. this is how i did it as you can see in this picture

    Onto the next part

    once you know what wires are what... go to your trunk and unplug / unscrew your stock amplifiers. unplug them and then lay them somewhere... prefferably in a trash can.

    notably something nissan did well when they produced these cars is they paired a set of two nearly identical stereo amplifiers togather to make a 4 channel sound system. which means one does the front speakers the other amp does the rear speakers. MY car was arranged so that you couldnt plug the wrong wire into the wrong amp. so what happened with my car *im asuiming all are the same* is that the larger plug powers the front speakers and the smaller plug powers the rear speakers!! important!

    another thing nissan and clarion did correct is they placed the INPUTS *from the head unit* on the RIGHT side of the plug if you are looking at the plug so where you can see the fastening clip.
    picture here:
    this is with all 4 of the input wires clipped

    if you will notice there are 6 other wires on each harness.
    the blue stripedy wire along with the other **smaller gauge** thinner wire are not needed because the thinner wire is the remote power wire, the blue stripedy wire is the 12 volt wire... here is my proof

    i would recomend you cut these wires off of the white plug and place them aside so you dont confuse them. but they are not needed... however they can come in handy if you need a remote wire... *remmeber that if you want subs* you already have a remote wire going form the headunit to the trunk*

    anyway. after you cut those wires and put them aside the next thing you need to do is take the color codes i have on this picture here:
    and the picture after it is an example of the wires and what they looked like for all you visual learners like myself

    and just match the wires up
    ONLY CONNECT WIRES TOGATHER IF THEY ARE ON THE SAME PLUG... as the smaller plug is associated with rear speakers and the larger plug is associated with the front speakers. if you complete this and cant pull the two plugs apart... check your connections...
    yes there are two solid blue's and two solid pinks... but one corrosponds to the drivers front and the other corrosponds to the passangers rear.. you'll have some funkeh music if you wire it up wrong...
    here are some pictures of after my bypass



    make sure yall put some electrical tape on the wires so you dont mess something up like... your audio

    feedback on writeup appreciated
    its my first one...
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    **** additional notes ****

    Check the polarity of your connections before you complete this.

    You can take a 9 volt battery and connect + and - to the speaker wires at the head unit. If the speaker pulses outward, it is the correct polarity. if the speaker pulses inward it is the opposite of how you have the 9volt hooked up to it.

    Just an FYI. I wrote this almost 6 years ago and didn't bother to check the polarity of the connections.
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