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    Recently my driver side window went outand just started to click without moving at all. After taking the door panel off you can then get to the window amp. Using a flat head pry the plastic cover off of the top of the amp. Thios will expose the circuit board and you should see a thin strip ofcopper that has burntup and broken the joint. Simply soder this back together and your window will work perfectly again!
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    nice work. mine just went out too, and fortunately for me, my buddy has a 240 graveyard, so i just popped one off of his, but I will def check that out. sounds like an easy fix to me. Oh, and just FYI, the window amplifier is actually a DEALER ONLY PART, and it cost about 150 from nissan. lol. screw that. thanks again for the info.
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    I have an extra one if anyone needs it

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