Guidelines for the Feedback forum are as follows:

#1. Please post an appropriate name with proper spelling for the thread title so the seller/buyer will be easier to find.

#2. Please do not post on your OWN reviews thread, whether for good or bad transaction. It clutters up the thread. Please take arguements to PMs, if a situation arises, please contact an administrator or a moderator.

#3. Please do not post UNNECESSARY things in the review's thread, please only limit to your personal transaction/reviews. No chit-chat!

#4. Please keep profane languages to a minimum. If possible, none.

#5. Please do not re-create multiple threads for a single individual. Please post your experience under one thread for a single individual. All of the exisiting multiple threads for a single individual has been merged already.

These are very simple guidelines to follow.
With your cooperation, it will be very much easier on the moderators who will have to moderate this subforum!

Thank you!
Moderation Team.