Weight reduction increases power-to-weight ratio and can improve all aspects of how you 240SX performs. There are 2 major ways to reduce the weight of your 240SX: Removal of unnessecary items and replacement of stock items with lighter parts

Removal of Unnessecary Items

getting rid of stuff that you don't need is a great way to reduce weight in your 240SX

Weight Reduction Guide

It's amazing how much stuff you don't need in a racecar

Please contribute by weighing and inputting the actual weight of the part. Please do not put approximate or "usual average" weights but accurately obtained data. (many S13 part weights courtesey of mysportscar.com)


headunit, speakers, and rear speaker brackets - 15.4lbs
driver and passenger door panels - 11.8lbs
plastic backseat panels - 5.0lbs
plastic B-pillar panels to back - 3.0lbs
back seats - 20.8lbs
hatch wall carpeting, plastic rear speaker panels, and rear floor mats - 20.6lbs
rear wiper, motor, grommet, and blade - 3.0lbs
jack tools, jack cover cardboard, random gray foam pads - 6.4lbs
rear strut covers, miscellaneous brackets & stuff - 2.8lbs
shift boot & panel - 0.6lbs
hatch area carpeting - 3.2lbs
A/C compressor, condenser, reservoir, & some piping - 29.2lbs
windshield wiper reservoir (full of fluid), bracket, & associated tubing - 9.0lbs
PAIR valve, actuator, bracket, and fasteners - 3.0lbs
sound deadening (Round 1) *box was 1 pound* - 10.8lbs
main carpet (from floorboard to rear seats) - 11.8lbs
glovebox - 3.2lbs
gauge cluster bezel - 1.6lbs
automatic seatbelts & lapbelt assemblies - 20.0lbs
power antenna - 2.0lbs
headliner, reading lamps, and shades - 4.0lbs
miscellaneous plastic pieces - 3.6lbs
plastic passenger floorboard panel (under glovebox) - 1.6lbs
center console - 3.0lbs
ABS unit mounting bracket - 3.2lbs
ABS unit - 15.8lbs
PS resevoir - 2.0lbs
PS line - 1.4lbs
fuel catch can & bracket - 1.8lbs
HICAS solenoid - 6.4lbs
rear HICAS rack - 10.8lbs
rear HICAS distribution block - 5.2lbs
clutch loop - 1.41bs
battery tray - 1.2lbs
SE exhaust & cat - 41.0lbs
sound deadening - 29lbs
spare tire & wheel - 28.0lbs
firewall mat - 18.8lbs
sunroof glass - 11.5lbs
foam layer on dashboard - 5lbs


Spare tire -
Jack -
Rear Seats -
Hood -
Front Seats -
Door Pannles -
Plastic Trim (front seats back)-
Plastic Trim (front seats forward)-
Front Bumper -
Rear Bumper -
Fenders -
15" Alloy wheels (without tires) -
16" Alloy wheels (without tires) -
Trunk -
Drive Shaft -

Replacing Stock Items with Lighter Aftermarket Parts

Stock Seat (S14 Base cloth) vs Racing Seat(Bride Zeta III) - (36-12) 24 lbs
Stock Hood (S13 180sx) vs CF Hood (S13 Versus Silvia) - (40-15) 25lbs
Stock Battery vs Lightweight battery (Genesis) - (41-13) 28 lbs
Stock Wheels (steelies) vs Racing Wheels (Volk TE37's 16x (28-13) 15 lbs (each wheel)
Stock Drive Shaft vs Aluminum One Piece Drive Shaft - (19-11) 8 lbs
Stock Drive Shaft vs Carbon Fiber Once Piece Drive Shaft - (19.8-8.5) 11.3 lbs reduction

Borrowed from Wikipedia