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    Like it says this thread is dedicated to Techno, Trance, House, Electronica, and music of that type. Post songs that you enjoy, or simply just post your favorite DJ. I will start this thing off by having yall listen to this song:
    Leonid Rudenko ft. Nicco: Destination (moscow club mix)
    also is anyone into melbourne shuffling here!? I am!

    LOVE!!!!!!! LOVE!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!
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    many threads from the past similar to this,but ill join anyway,lol

    this what good shit does to you

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    Late night Alumni-you can be the one

    Kaskade-feeling the night

    Bad ass techno brah
    Vandal > Artists
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    Reflekt- Need to feel loved

    great song, and its just so relaxing

    Cosmic Gate- Not Enough Time

    Deadmau5- Finished Symphony

    Dj Tiesto ft Julie Thompson- Somewere inside of me

    song makes me kinda sad, haha

    Akcent- thats my name (anothers version 2009)

    DJ Zealot- Charge

    many more
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    Carl B- Underneath the sky (above & beyond TATW 213!)
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    Oceanlab - On a good day (Above and beyond club mix)

    Above and beyond Pres. Ocean Lab- Ashes (oliver Smith remix)

    Have to include one eurobeat song

    Mari-San - Dont belong

    I swear I thought she was black..

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    And LOL your Aspeed thread got locked...Cuz you brought teh derps.
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    all of Dubstep.... yup that about sums it up
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