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    These are the guidelines to follow when posting any for sale thread.

    1. Make a clear title of what you're selling.
    2. Accurately describe the item you're selling.
    3. Post a price and means contact. Not "make an offer".
    4. Do NOT post outside links.
    5. Post a picture of the actual item.
    6. Do NOT "BUMP" your thread more than once per day. This also pertains to other's "bumping" for fellow members.
    7. Please combine your threads if possible. Do not create multiple threads with each seperate items.
    8. You are required to have 5 posts to post any items or cars for sale. These posts must not be spam like 'k' or anything that is obviously just posted to increase post count. Go post an introduction thread and say hi to some members and you will get 5 posts rather quickly...

    Failure to follow these guidelines will result in lock / delete without notice.

    A very simple layout would be:

    1. Description.
    2. Pictures.
    3. Price/Contact.

    Specific rules regarding items:

    Gun Sales - By federal law you are required to transfer the ownership of a gun through a licensed firearms dealer. Gun sales will be allowed as long as the seller and buyer are of legal age and no criminal background.

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