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    could we all have our OWN for sale section? like
    in our profiles?
    i think it would be a good idea
    click our name
    goes to profile
    scroll down and u see our stuff for sale... could this be done>?
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    Neat idea. But what purpose would it serve really?

    Say I was looking for a tranny. I would have to look through everyones profile to figure out if they had one. It would be much easier to just search the F/S section. Unless of course the profiles could be searchable. But then really.. It would just be the same as the For Sale Section..

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    Casey is just lazy and doesn't feel like clicking too much. LOl
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    tyler said it.
    its alot easier to just put up the thread url on your sig.
    instead of having to go thru everyone's profiles.

    just list it on your sig so ppl looking for things will see it and catch on.
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