few weeks ago......

delivered! dyno tuned and ready to rock and roll.

for the streets and for high speed drifto.

we decided on a t3t04 for this application, power band and costs.

pulled out a turbo dave manifold, an old one..lol
top mount nothing special, except he touched it, so we know it should do well in a burn ot contest. very sexy man!

s13 sr20det
stock bottom end.
commetic head gasket/ arp studs

t3/t04 52T turbo by garrett
ebay wastegate
apexi 256 cams 10.8 lift
TEPS romed tuned ecu.
SAFC fine tuned by Sammy Tiger Racing
740cc sard
Tiger Racing mild port for Turbo application.

418 whp, 359 TQ