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    These things are badass.

    Just thought Id share this.
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    they use thosein europe to prevent cars from going thru the bus-only roundabouts
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    Waiter: You want cigarettes on that sandwich?
    Customer: What do I look like, a Mary? Of course
    I want cigarettes.
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    Cool. I always kinda thought they were just for show...
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    Can't see the vid, but I'm guessing it's those posts you can crash a truck into.
    Seriously looking for Kouki side skirts, and maybe an S15 steering wheel... I hate the S14 wheel.

    If you have S14 front mudflaps I'll take them. (I have rear.)

    Also needs: Aftermarket (eBay) SR down pipe to hack on for my KA-T project. Flex section is fine, or not.

    95 S14 - 5spd
    2002 VW Passat GLX V6 - 5spd
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    But what happens when Raptor Jesus comes through!?

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