Thread: Why do steering spacers give you more angle?

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  1. #1 Why do steering spacers give you more angle? 
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    I see this asked quite a bit and thought Id make a thread about it.

    In this pic, A is the steering rack housing, B is the steering shaft, C is the inner tie rod, and D is the spacer. Notice how in the first example the tie rod threads into the steering shaft and the fat section of the tie rod (C) sits flush with the edge of the rack housing (A) when it is screwed in all the way. This is what actually stops your steering wheel from turning more: as you turn the wheel to the left the steering shaft moves inside the housing all the way to the left and the right-hand tie rod hits the steering rack housing, stopping the wheels from achieving any more steering angle.

    In the second example we have the same inner tie rod and steering rack, but the spacer is added. You'll notice that if you screwed this in until it stops, the steering shaft (B) would bottom out against the spacer BEFORE the steering housing hits the tie rod. In fact, the spacer and the steering shaft have the same outside diameter, which allows it to move inside the steering housing along with the steering shaft (corresponding to the second red line) when everything is tightened down.

    What this does is give you more turns lock-to-lock on your steering wheel. The spacer on the tie rod effectively increases the length of the steering shaft, meaning that while the overall length of the tie rods is the same, you have more steering angle simply because the steering shaft can push the tie rod (and therefore the wheel) out more.

    Keep in mind that spacing the left tie rod wheel increase angle on the right wheel, as the machined section of the tie rod is actually going into the steering rack housing to push the other way.
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    Shit, super coool
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    These things are fucking dangerous if they are not installed correctly. You fuck up and don't install them right and they WILL eventually come loose.
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    one time you wrote this shit out on a piece of paper in my living room lololol....
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    Always wondered this. Good to know.

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    ive never messed with these, but it seems like you would be able to tack weld the ouside of the spacer (c) to the tie rod, to make it more safe, just incase it did want to come loose... i could be wrong, please correct me if i am.. very curious about this. it seems like it would be wearing steering shaft and other parts to death and doing more damage than it is good. possibly leading to power steering fluid leaks..... please correct me if im wrong i love learning new shiz
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    because knowledge is power!
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