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    Quote Originally Posted by ImRickJames View Post
    Yeah well like I said I love my music though so its gotta be over the top. I want it to sound like a fucking symphony is riding shotgun with me
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    anybody know ...

    1. If 25 lower timing cover is same as 26 lower timing cover?

    2. I've researched and seen that a z32 ignitor chip can be ran in place of a 26 ignitor chip, is this true?

    3.Anyone have or know of a place that sells the alternator adjustment bracket? or has anyone done the quest alternator swap? etc.

    4.kinda pointless, but what the hell , whats the purpose of the air chamber on the 26? can it be removed, if so , whats results?
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    hey guys any ideas where i can get an rb20 oil pan?
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    Quote Originally Posted by t man View Post
    hey guys any ideas where i can get an rb20 oil pan?
    Possible places to get the rb20 oil pan: Raw Brokerage, eBay, JEI or NAD Auto. Unless someone on here has an extra on they can sell you. Just from the search that I have done it sounds like the RB20 and RB25 use the same oil pan so you can search for RB25 oil pan for your replacement.

    Be aware when you ask questions like this someone will tell you in not so nice of a way "G O O G L E it!"
    Hope that helps
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