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    By: Hunter Rodziczak

    I could not find a comprehensive guide to doing this, So I thought I would make one for the good of the S chassis community.

    Benefits: Get clutch type lsd action for a 1/4 of the price.

    Well post j30 VLSD installation I found myself quite unsatisfied with the performance. As with Many VLSd's after becoming heated up they simply refuse to work properly and your VLSD becomes a one tire fire and thats no good. So after looking for upgrades I stumbled across a few options. Since I have a J30 vlsd with 5 bolt output shafts I would have to switch back to the standard 240sx R200 differential housing in order to run a clutch type lsd. I sold my old diff and a clutch type lsd wasn't in my budget. Somehow I stumbled across Shimming. Shimming involves adding an extra shim(s) to the original preload shim and causes the vlsd to lock similarly to a clutch type lsd. This preload shim costs $10 from you local Nissan dealer so this is definitely worth the money.

    -Add one shim and vlsd will act similarly to a 1.5 way lsd

    -Add two shims it will act like a 2 way/welded diff.

    Here is a picture of the Shim with part no: ( this fits both j30 and R200 diffs)

    Here's your standard diff, Start By removing the diff from the car and unbolting the 8 bolts holding the diff cover on.

    Once that is completed, separate the cover like so and before you put the new sealant on remember to scrap off all old sealant and I recommend using brakecleen to clean surfaces before applying sealant back on.

    This is what you'll see:

    Next before anything else knock out the output shafts. This takes quite a bit of effort but don't be scared they will eventually come out. I recommend hitting them from behind with a hammer:

    Next you can take off the cap bolts like so:

    IMPORTANT: Remember which side the shafts and caps cam from as to not mix them up

    And this is what you're left with:

    Next, it's time to pry out the differential. Unless you have superhuman strength you have to get it out using a bar that give leverage:

    And end result:

    Unless you have a very good impact gun the next part is almost impossible. Take these bolts out to separate the ring gear from the diff.

    Next take off these two Phillips head screws.

    Pry apart:

    The Almighty shim:

    Now take this and put it over the existing shim:

    And now put the diff back together the same way you took it apart.

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    sweet im so trying this now LOL
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    Cool write up. Thanks!
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    Snellville GA
    awesome write up!
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