when you get a kit or change to a type x front bumper you will need to wire in the front bumper turn signals. here is everthing needed:


new bulb harnesses:

you will also need wire cutters, electrical tape, and soldering gun if you have one.

start off by pulling out the harness on the car for the bumper light and cut it off.

as you can see there are 3 wires; black, green/yellow, red/blue. strip the covering from the two colored wires, and then again on the new light harness. i trimmed the black and taped it over by itself with the electrical tape. then coneect the old light harness and then new one:

plug in the bulb and make sure it works for the driving lights and blinks for turn signals.

Tape everything back up, and tuck back in the harness into the bumper. put the new bulb into the new bumper light, and you are all done!