Fuel pump kill switchBy: driftin8ez
This mod is a good security feature as well as a helpfull diagnostic tool. If your car is having trouble starting you can use a fuel pump kill to see if it is getting to much fuel and flooding out. Also if hidden it makes a great anti-theft device.
What you need:
10mm socket
Flat and Phillips head screw drivers
Soldiering Iron
Wire stripper/cutter

14 or 16 gauge wire ( i used speaker wire as it is really two wires making it easier to fish around your interior)
Solder and shrink wrap tubing (best method)
or at the least
Crimp connectors and electrical tape (ok method)
Toggle switch
Double sided tape to stick the switch somewhere hidden

Locate and remove interior panels by passenger side right foot well. (s13 pictured, S14 may differ slightly)

Locate ecm and remove the 10mm bolts holding it to the chassis. Remove harness from ecm with the 10mm bolt and refer to diagrams to find fuel pump relay wire.

In most cases the fuel pump relay wire is b/p or black with a purple stripe. Cut the wire about 6 inches from the ecm. Then connected two wires one to each end of the fuel pump relay wire.

Now run this wire under the dashboard to the driver side foot well. Connect your toggle switch to the two wires. Hide the switch in a creative spot. Start the car with the switch on. It should start and idle normal. Flip the switch off and the idle should start to bog down as the engine starves of fuel. If your switch works correctly, you're done! Bolt your ecm back in and fasten all the interior panels back together. Hide the wires as best you can and the job is complete.