(Below writeup is borrowed from freshalloy.com and was originally posted by rsxse240)

Some symptoms: one headlight out, one headlight not coming up, but still illuminates, one or both pop ups not going back down, dim headlights, flickering headlights, there are a few more, I'm sure, but these are the ones I have experienced personally.
so here's a write up.
Difuculty (1-10): 4
Cost: $0.00
Tools needed: Small phillips screw driver
2 small flat blade screwdrivers
dremel rotary tool with straight wire brush
Time needed: 1-2 beers, depending on how fast you drink them.
first off, take the clamshell off of your steering column, there are 6 screws in the bottom, you don't need to remove the top portion, I did because I'm doing other work in there too. Once you have the lower cover off, you will see two screws holding the combination switch to the column, remove them.

Pull the switch straight out, and unplug the connectors.

remove the two large screws on the white side of the combo switch.

Use a couple flat blade screw drivers to pry the black case off of the white tabs, and carefully separate the two parts.

open the enclosed switch unit carefully, again with a pair of small screwdrivers. *DO NOT BREAK THE MELTED TABS ON THE TOP OF THE WHITE ENCLOSURE*
Open THIS side

carefully pry out the contacts WITHOUT BENDING THEM! The easiest way is to just put the tip of a flat blade screw driver under the lead, and a finger on the end where the contact is made, and carefully pry it up, it should just pop right out.

Here you can see the corroded contacts where they were burned from the electrical arcing when the lights are turned on and off. This is what causes all of the problems.

Get a dremel tool, with a straight WIRE (not plastic) brush, and polish the burned contacts.


I'm sure they will have fallen out on your table when you pulled it all apart, so, be sure you get the plastic pieces that move the contacts in the right way, with the "point" going into the hole as shown here.

If you can get some electrical contact lube that supreses the arc on the contact, then now is the time to put it on the silver bumps you just polished.
Reassembly is just opposite of disassembly, so just go backwards on these directions, with the exception of putting the corrosion back on the contacts, and you'll be set.