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    Im copying zilvia this thread is for 240sx wheel fitments for the newbies and people just wondering about wheel fitments for 240's .

    I want only 240atlanta members to post pics and specs

    1.What kind of wheel
    2.Wheel sizes
    4.Tire sizes
    5.Camber specs

    Ill go first

    1.)Axis Widetrack
    2.)18x8 Front 18x9 Rear
    3.)-10 Front +10 Rear
    4.)215/35/18 Front 225/40/18 Rear
    5.)Front -4.5 Rear -3

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    1. KMC Hotwheels 68
    2. 17x9+0 F 17x9+0 R
    3. 215/45/17
    4. ~1.5 degree
    5. stock fenders rolled

    please change the thread title to just wheel fitment or something normal and get it stickied.
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    Definitely not where I want to be for flushness, but considering the wheels were free, they work for now.

    1. DC Rims CE046
    2. 18x9 (F/R)
    3. +0 (F/R) (+25 with 25mm spacers all around)
    4. 225/40/18 (F) / 245/40/18 (R)
    5. Dont remember off the top of my head, maybe -2.5ish?

    Also, stock fenders rolled/pulled a bit, need to get rear 30mm overs to cover up some damage on my passenger side though.

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    1. Nismo LMGT-2
    2. 17x8 (front), 17x9 (rear)
    3. +35 all around, 10mm spacer up front
    4. Falken Azenis ST115 - 235/40/17 (front), 255/40/17 (rear)
    5. -2 front, uncorrected rears (stock arms)

    No roll or pull on fenders

    I'll try to get better pics in the near future, and then I'll edit this post. I'll also do a set w/ my Enkeis, since I'll be going back to those wheels in the near future.
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    1. Sportmax 002/Sportmax 506
    2. front: 16x8 rear:17x9
    3. front: +15 rear: +35 (15mm spacers on all four corners)
    4. front: 225/45 falken rt-615s rear: 235/45 federals
    5. front: -2.0 rear: -1.7

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    yall should post your tire brand also, it makes a huge difference on stretch.
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    hey george do your wheels come in 17? im diggin them. what are the offset w/o spacers?


    40+ all around. gaayyyy.

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    1. Work Meister
    2. 18x11 18x12
    3. -32 -45
    4.275/40/18 (getting smaller ones) 295/35/18
    5. do not know because car does not run yet

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    is that the blister fender kit? 50mm overs?

    Quote Originally Posted by slidingsky View Post
    Cool, I'm about to be in the market for tires. I duno what I'm going to get.
    mostly depends on what you want them to do for ya.

    i like:
    falken azenis rt615. created by tire gods for us. my favorite tire for grippy, sliding, looking mean with its tread pattern. awesome awesome tire.

    bfgoodrich g force sports. relatively cheap and really really good tires. good grip, lots of smoke, and they stay fairly consistent until they are bald.

    federal ss595s. cheap. reliable. good smoke. personally i both like and dislike this tire. first few laps on brand new (well after 250miles driving to event) the tires would step out easy enough, but if you didnt stay balls to the wall with the throttle they would suddenly decide to grip on me. not saying i wouldnt buy them again, next time i get smaller sizes...or have more power.

    those are the only brand new tires i have used. as for used- michelin rocks, continentals arent bad, the rest are fine as long as there is enough tread and no cracking sidewalls
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    I'll post my pictures later, car is all dusty and in a corner. But specs are:
    18x12 and 18x10.5
    265/35 245/35


    18x11 -3 and 18x10 +7
    265/35 225/40

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