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    lol.... ^

    added the innes performance
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    bump. keep adding to this guys.


    this is good information. it should be stickied.
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    Seems like good info. I'll change the title and stick it.

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    sweet ^_^
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    umm, for ecu everyone definitly needs to check out for megasquirt tuning and kits.

    for real though,complete standalone ecu for about 200-300 bucks, completely tuneable.

    i know of some more i believe, thats the first one off the top of my head

    oh, and i know that this is a little bit off, but if people need parts for turbos, especially garrett turbos since you cant buy individual replacement parts from them, but they have just about all turbos, it took me several hours to find this site and i didnt know that i had saved it in my bookmarks. but i was going to use it to get parts to rebuild a turbo i have. anyways,

    if you plan on rebuilding a turbo, or have a bent compressor wheel and need a part, type in the turbo serial number and you can find the parts
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    Nissan= Nismo

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    Cheap Pipes...

    From what I can see on the other sites... this site has some cheap steel pipes... the sites I looked through had some crazy prices compared to this site.

    For instance:

    3.0" 304 Stainless, 90 Degree, 6" Radius Mandrel Bend = $31 from Colombia River.
    Closest thing on Burns, was $77... with uneven legs... 3x6...
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    Seriously looking for Kouki side skirts, and maybe an S15 steering wheel... I hate the S14 wheel.

    If you have S14 front mudflaps I'll take them. (I have rear.)

    Also needs: Aftermarket (eBay) SR down pipe to hack on for my KA-T project. Flex section is fine, or not.

    95 S14 - 5spd
    2002 VW Passat GLX V6 - 5spd
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